Navigation question

I would like to have a navigation item not an actual page.

Example: I have a “Products” navigation menu item that has many child pages. However, I do not want/need the “Products” to be an active page, I would prefer it to just be a drop down for the child pages. Is this possible or is this theme specific?

Hey @brm98,

If the theme you’re using shows sub navigation items in a dropdown rather than, say, only showing sub-items of a page when a parent page is active then you can do it be creating an Offsite Page and changing the URL to #.

Hope that helps.

— Elliot


Thank you for the quick reply. From what I can tell this is theme specific as I tried to make the page “offsite” based on your suggestion and got some very strange results. It broke the link to child pages and kept refreshing the menu over ad over again.

I will keep hunting around for a solution. Thanks again for the assistance.