Mountains Theme Footer Navigation Sub Pages

Hi All

Back using RW after 5 years and I guess a few things have changed. It’s great to see how RW and Stacks etc has evolved.

Anyhow I have a problem in the Mountains Theme where the top navigation bar works ok, however, the lower footer navigation bar will not show nested sub pages. The down arrow indicating sub pages displays like in the top bar but when I hover the cursor or click the parent page the site navigates to the parent page. I also noted that the lower navigation bar is all highlighted unlike the top bar where each page changes colour as you hover over it. Hope that all makes sense.

Just wonder if there is a setting that I am missing despite me searching through all the settings etc I’m a bit stuck


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You are correct!
I don’t ‘think’ you missed anything…
But maybe I missed something too :wink:
Or something IS missing …

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