Navigation Stack Yuzool and iPhone/iPad

Navigation Stack Youzool No Work to IPad Hiphone, ecc Ios

I’m not sure what you mean @Cube

It works fine even on an iPhone 6:

Also tested on an iPad 3.

Can you give some more details on what is not working?


RW8 also comes with an iPhone Simulator you can use to test:

Hi Michael, I am sending you this mini video to explain the Responsive problem regarding Navigation Stack; then I would also like to ask you if Navigation Stack works with STACK 3 and Rapidweaver 6 with php.5 or seci are problems. But is Navigation Stack actually a theme or is it a "feature" that I can also use with Youzool SPLIT?
Forgive me for all these questions, unfortunately there is no news about it. thanks again, for what you can do for me.

(Attachment Navigation Stack - Ipad Air 1.mp4 is missing)

  • I can’t see the video, could you attach again or share via Dropbox or some other uploader?
  • Navigation works in Stacks 3 and RapidWeaver 7 and 8 - it was not tested in RW6 but shouldn’t be an issue if you can run Stacks 3
  • PHP is not necessary
  • It is a Stack (Navigation) and you can use it with any theme. Sure, you can use it with Split theme also by hiding the Split theme menu navigation with CSS firstly then adding the Stack to the page, it will take the RapidWeaver menu settings automatically

Hope that helps!

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