NCD Stack Update Downloads are going out

Just a reminder… Per my email last week, everyone that purchased a Nick Cates stack in the past has started receiving invoices with my version of the stack. You have not been charged for this update.

Since you have already paid for one of the above stacks, you will be receiving a complimentary copy of my version of the stack. I have gone through each stack over the past few weeks and upgraded everything to use the latest Stacks v4.1 APIs so that we can benefit from some of the great performance benefits. These new versions will also start pulling updates from my Weaver’s Space servers.

These are given to you free of charge. When you download the stack, you will need to replace the version that you already have installed. I have not added or changed features in any of the stacks. Therefore, all existing instances should work without consequence on all of your existing project files.


One note for Depth users. You should have received an invoice for Depth as well. As I stated before, I will not be supporting Depth. However, the download in the emailed invoice does contain an updated version with the parallax fix for Safari 14. This update is provided without official support or warranty.

Depth users can now upgrade to F6 through the official path on the Foundation 6 product page as well.


Received my emails last night. Thanks Joe - much appreciated! :+1:

I have the NCD Photo Stack, purchased in 2016. Has this been updated? My email address has changed since I bought it but I have a copy of the original invoice as proof of purchase.


Shoot in an email with the details and I can get it fixed up.

Hi @joeworkman I wondered why I had an email from you today!

It relates to rails, which I recall buying yonks ago. Out of curiosity I downloaded the new version, 1.1, installed it, but it doesn’t work. The sections are not dropzones.

I just dug out the original version… v1.0, installed that, and that actually still works. So looks like something is amiss with the version you’ve updated.

Thanks. I will get a fix out.


will you be making a upgrade from Photo to Photo Pro available anytime soon?

Update Shipped. Thanks

As I get all of these available for individual sale on my site, you will be able to upgrade to Pro.

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Took yer time :wink:

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Hi @joeworkman - just want to clarify : are the older versions of the NC Stacks to be removed from my stacks library and replaced by the newer ones issued by yourself?

Thanks in advance

That looks to be the case.

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