🚀 Photo stack is BACK!

It’s finally here! Photo probably the most popular gallery stack out there. I am excited to finally have it available for sale on Weaver’s Space. If you are not familiar with Photo, here is a little bit about it…

I am super excited to take Photo to all new levels. Over the years people have always told me that they would be excited to see the power that I bring to my stacks applied to an NCD stack. Luckily we will start to find out… :slight_smile:


And just last week I was thinking what might happen to this stack, as I had to update one of my personal (photography) websites.

Two questions:

  • is there an upgrade / update path for the ppl who got the original stack?
  • what are the key differences between the last NCD version (I think 1.3.2) and your 1.0 version?



You should have already received v1.4.0 from me back in December.


I didn’t even get anything. Just an email (November 14, 2020) about taking over the stack from the NCD.

Arg. Thank you.
Just remembered that you’ve send a update invoice last year. Found it and downloaded 1.4.

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Hi @joeworkman,
I seem to have mislaid the upgrade details you sent in December for v1.4.0.
I know I was really busy setting up a new project at the time so…
Is there any way I can upgrade, please as I only have v1.3.2?

If you do not have v1.4 then you can use the Order Lookup Tool on my support page. I have loaded every single past stacks purchase from NCD into my system.

If your order is not there, it may be under an old email address. If you tried all possible email addresses, then I may not have knowledge about your order. You can email me to support.

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Hi @joeworkman - looking at my Photos stack I’m running version 1.3.2 with no sign of an update to version 1.4. Can you tell me what I need to do to bring all of my Nic Cates stacks up to date please ? BTW Your support page doesn’t indicate what versions you are offering to download - just the date creation on the file. Thanks in advance . Justin :grinning:

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@joeworkman I have one feature request for a future version: mobile and tablet breakpoints for column settings. Currently the column settings is only used for desktop pages, I would like to see a similar setting for mobile and tablet.

Many thanks, @joeworkman.
Much appreciated.

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