Thank you for the 8.7 Update to RW & STACKS!

Both are working great for me and my website. I’m super happy!!

Thank you for all the hard work & support. Your products are great and definitely worthy of our patronage! :smile: :smile: :blush: :blush:


I’ve been quietly working hard on this major release of Stacks for months.

It’s been a bit slow-going because I’m working on other stuff behind the scenes too.

But I can’t take all the credit for this release’s high quality and smooth transition. The stack developers find and report bugs almost daily.

Although we’re many small teams or solo developers competing with each other we have found a nice way to sometimes come together to make Stacks get better and faster and more powerful.

Do please say a thank you to the Stack developers and Pro Users building cool frameworks and templates and making nice tutorials and live-streams and all the other cool stuff they’re building with the Stacks API everyday.

Your welcome. And Thank You!


HI ISAIAH!! :smile: :smile:

No problem. My thx also goes out to all the Stack Developers & Pro Users who’ve helped in this process for Stacks to be made better as well as all the behind the scenes folks helping with Rapid Weaver.

These are great products & have really helped my business. I’m so glad that I can develop MY OWN website and not use canned web tools.

My deep appreciation goes out to all the ones who’ve helped to make this feat possible.

thank you all


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