Ned assistance to set up Sitelok and Total CMS

I am looking for someone to assist in setting up a resources area for Reseller of our technology in AU.
We already have a web site for eCommrece but want a secure area where we can keep document and paper in a secure area. Would also be looking to have a news or blog component to the site.
Please contact me through his platform

Would google drive work for sharing files between a number of members? That would be secure and audited.

The news or blog component could be done with Total CMS or with Foundry and Allow v3.

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Hi Nick,
Probably, I have already purchased Sitelock and I have a alternate reason for wanting to to use the register and approval aspect of Sitelock to control access for Firmware update for some hardware products that we sell.

In that case it would look more professional if the firmware files originated behind your own wall.

Do you mean “Sitelock” or “Sitelok?” - They are vastly different. They do different things. I can recommend “Sitelok” but not “Sitelock.” “Sitelock” is a waste of time and money in my humble opinion.

Hi Greg,
My apologise I did mean Sitelok.

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Hi Andrew. Please contact me directly via with some details about what you need to do and I can take a closer look to find the best way.