Need a stack for doing searches within my website

I am looking for a recommendation for an internal website search stack. Here are the parameters: website only has about 10 pages, but they are VERY text heavy. Most of the text is contained within Joe Workman’s SqueezeBox stack, so it has to be able to search within that. Workman says that his search stack cannot do that within the accordion, thereby ruling it out. And the stack can’t require me to add in the search terms manually. That would take way too long, as again, it is so text heavy. The website is Any advice on a stack I can buy, and would work within these parameters, would be appreciated. I’ve got one candidate (LiveSearch) already loaded on a couple of pages, but it is not working properly and recommended fixes have so far not worked. Is this doable within accordion stacks according to what I have explained above?

Simple Search has a demo you can try -

Simple Search Requires manually adding search terms.

Have a look at RapidSearch Pro and it’s sister products:

I suspect this is WAY too much for your needs but I mention Zoom Search Engine.(

It’s not a stack but it works perfectly with any website. It builds a search index on Mac, (downloads pages and creates a search index which it then uploads to your web server), and provides you a code snippet for the search box on your pages. It’s takes just a couple of minutes to re-index my 1500 page site and upload the new files.

It is overly rich in features and options, and thus, the higher price. I run on my client’s 1500 page site. It now works perfectly returning great categorized search returns.

Yes, it is pricey but if finding things is mission critical on your site then it may well be worth it. Just thought I’d mention it…

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The search function on my website is not mission critical, so for this price I will pass. Good to know such a product exists for the future.


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