Internal search engine

Hi guys, please be gentle with me as I am a newbie to Rapid Weaver
I am trying to construct a web site that will effectively be a knowledge base of information on a technical subject. I envisage the front end being just access to a search engine that will then search the contents of the knowledge base stored under various section headings.
What I M looking for is a search engine that will restrict itself to the contents of my web site but will have the flexibility of either searching the whole site or just a particular section.
Any advice on what

Sorry I got finger happy. As I was saying any advice on how to achieve this either using stacks or something else will be gratefully received
Many thanks

I don’t own it but this may be worth looking at -

One word: Rapidsearch Pro.

Okay, two words.

RapidWeaver Central

Thanks guys, I have had a quick look and it seems to be able to β„… everything I need.
I am currently out of the country on holiday but will download and try it as soon as I get back.
Thanks for your help

Having looked again at Rapidsearch I dont think it will work as I will not be publishing the knowledge base as a www website but only exporting the pages to a shared google drive folder.
Also I dont have a clue how to set up an sql database.
I think what I am possibly looking for is an intranet search facility, is there anything simple that a dummy like me can set up