Need extremely easy 1 page theme

(Cathie Turner) #1

Could not get help with Screens; cannot figure out how to make BWD stuff work. Have a fairly extensive Foundation website. So this positions my level of competence. Please someone tell me what theme to buy. I just want 6-67 sections all on the same page. Panicked.

(scott williams) #2

Why not just foundation? You can use the Magellan stacks with it to link to sections in one long page.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #3

Sorry, tried to get on Zoom with you today, even set up an appointment at 8pm your time. Here is a project file using Foundation and the MagicGellan 2 stack by Big White Duck:

You can get the MagicGellan 2 stack here

This should set you up, just add the content where you want. If you need more spaces, either try to add them or ask me and I will add them.

(system) #4

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