Need help making old html doc work in RW7

I need help in adapting an old html page to my current website. This page is an extensively formatted legal memorandum originally published on one of my old websites designed with Microsoft Frontpage html in 2005. I wrote it in Microsoft Word in accordance with the Bluebook Uniform Code of Legal Citation. That means it is filled with underlines, italicisms, symbols, indented quotes, and footnotes. That’s what most of the internal links are — superscript numbers linked to footnotes, etc. Anyway, the page still opens up fine in any browser with the text formatting and internal page links intact and working perfectly. Of course what does not work are the navigation inks in the sidebar related to the theme used. That is a minor concern though, because if I cannot find a way to delete those links, I can just write a little note saying to ignore them.

So far I am able to get a pdf version of the html page embedded on the new page with a nice little css formula I gratefully discovered in this forum. The internal links do not work of course, but at least it makes the document available. I would really like to find a way to get the old code to work so that the internal page links work. Plus, the keywords generated will bring more folks to the site.

I’ve done the following in an effort to fix the problem to no avail:

  1. I just inserted the html stack and followed the instructions to eliminate the top html, head, and body tags. That did not work.

  2. Then I cut and pasted all the code in there. That did not work either.

  3. Finally, I created a button with a link to the old html document and made sure the resource was linked. The text appears in the edit portion of the stack, but it does not preview.

I was thinking about hiring someone on Fiverr to do it for about $5-$10. But I don’t know if just any old css/html will work or if I could trust anyone. So any ideas on what to do? In case it matters, I’m working in RW7 with the Michael David Capture theme. And as stated earlier, I’m not a developer. Though I recently viewed a “crash course” video on CSS and html so I understand it a little better and successfully made some minor modifications to the theme on my own. (Yea!)

I tried to upload the original file as html but it was not accepted. So you can view it as currently published on my old site that will soon be replaced by the new one I am working on. Just click the little blue .pdf link on the page as indicated and use developer tools to view the source code. Thanks!
[What Really Happened in Tenen v. Winter]

The link is a PDF, not an HTML page. If you want a link to a PDF on the new site that shouldn’t be any different than what you have now.
It’s going to be difficult to get help with the HTML file you mentioned, without seeing the file.

Thanks Doug. The forum doesn’t let me upload the html file. You can see the file in code if you go to the pdf link. Then go to “view” on your browser, then “developers tools”, then “source.” Then it’s available. If that’s too much trouble, then someone might tell me how to upload the html file.

The PDF and HTML are different formats and files. So viewing source won’t help.
You would need to publish the HTML file (as a test page) maybe with an ftp client or use something like Dropbox and publish a link.

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Oh. OK. I’ll try that. I think I still have access to a Tripod ftp. If not, I’ll try drop box. Thanks Doug.

Here is the link:

@waywardmuse, I think your first solution would be the easiest to implement. You should be able to use an HTML stack containing the main body of the legal HTML file.

Linked is a text file with the HTML code to paste into the stack (Dropbox link). In my limited testing, everything within the body of the legal document worked.

I removed the code that created the sidebar table of contents. I think that will be better handled at the theme level, since they are links to other pages.



Thank you so much - how kind you are!!! It works great! And thanks for removing the sidebar – that was linked to an old theme I’m no longer using. The only problem I have now is that the entire text is justified centered and the block quotes are not single space. The theme centers everything. But I understand that I can go into the CSS tab and type a clearing code ( clr ) ? that clears out the format codes above it and lets me set new ones. But I’m afraid to do that because it might clear out everything and convert it to rich text or something. All I want to change is some of the colors - particularly the links - so that they stand out, and fix the quotes so it looks better and is easier to read. I don’t mind the center justification but I want to change colors for sure and make the quotes single space. Do you think this is possible? Or is it too risky for a beginner like me?

Thanks again so much!


I don’t have that theme, so it’s a bit hard to provide you with the proper CSS to fix the justification and block quote spacing.

If you provide a current link, I’m sure I or someone else here could help you with the necessary CSS.

The font colors can probably also be adjusted with CSS. The html does have a lot of that color and font applied at to each block of text, so it will be a bit harder. Again, page link will help.

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You could probably fit the text align, as well as the link colors pretty easy with some CSS. The HTML produced is not very clean. The block quotes aren’t HTML block quotes, but paragraphs and spans with in-line styling. That would be next to impossible to fix with some CSS.
I don’t have that theme either so if youprovide a link to a test page, I will be happy to help with some CSS.

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Hi Don & Doug,

I really appreciate your help. Here’s a link to the zip file of the site: site
I don’t know how to upload just the page. The first file was already saved as an html file. I hope this way works. If not, let me know and suggest another avenue. Anyway, it’s a subpage “Tenen v. Winter” to the Law page. Don’t know if resource files transfer in compressed form so I made screen shots of what it looks like now, and the original which I’d like to restore as much as possible. Here’s what it looks like previewed in the theme now:

Here’s how it is originally:
As I said, I just really want to change font colors – text back to black, and all links in blue (including superscripts if possible) so that they’re obvious. Plus if I could get the quotes back into block quote format, that would be great. Otherwise, I don’t have a problem with center justification or the 1.5 line space.
If I need to do something else to make it easier, please let me know. Thank y’all so much – I really appreciate it!

Unfortunately, we don’t have the theme you are using, so can’t open up the project file.
This is what I would try:

  1. if you don’t have the CSS-box stack (its free) from Joe Workman get it.
  2. Place it on the page and put the HTML stack inside it.
  3. Leave the default class name cssbox on the CSS box stack.

Now I have some CSS to try, since I don’t have the theme you are using it’s a guess at this point:

/* All paragraphs in the CSS box */
.cssbox p {
 /* give some more spacing blockquotes  */
    p[style*="margin-bottom:0in"] {
    	margin-bottom: 0.5rem!important;
    	/* larger text  and standout for  blockquotes */
    span[style*="font-size:10.0pt;"] {
    	font-style: italic;
    	border-left: 1px solid grey;
    /*  make anchors blue underlined*/
    .cssbox a {
    	text-decoration: underline;

Place this in the page inspector CSS area.



I’m sure we can help out. Have you published this version of the site yet? Many of us will publish to a “draft” folder on our domain, so we can see/share an in-progess version with others without having it be our live site.

Neither Doug nor I have the theme you’re using, so having the project file doesn’t really help us. We’d have to switch it to a different them upon opening. If I use the Voyager theme, the text is right-justified. That’s why having a link to the site in the theme you’re using will help us help you better.

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Judy, can you edit your post and remove the theme? I’m assuming it’s a purchased theme, so you really shouldn’t post it here.


Yes you can’t give away a theme on a public fourm.

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If you try what I have given and then get back here. It’s much easier if you can publish a single page.

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Sorry! I wondered about that. Just assumed folks operated on the honor system here. Well don’t want to make a you know what out of you and me as they say! :wink: OK Doug. I’ll try your suggestion.

I cannot publish to the current URL anymore without corrupting the entire website because it was done in RW 4.3. I know because I tried to add a note indicating a new site was underway but it made the theme formatting disappear and I couldn’t get it back. So I had to ask my host to recover the last good version. Had some damage, but at least it’s better than nothing. So alas, I cannot publish the new site until I’m ready to replace the old one! I have a free url at another site and tried publishing the page there but it did not work - probably because it’s using a WordPress platform I think. So I will try what Doug suggested.

Doug - it worked!!! I’m so happy! Y’all are geniuses! This experience gives me a little bit more confidence about revising my other sites in RW. I have a one-page site to do after this one, then a huge photo/video extensive site last. I’m going to try to learn more about CSS. It’s been very helpful. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this. If y’all have commercial sites, let me know and I’ll be happy to tweet about them! Thanks again and all blessings to y’all! :grin::cactus::star:

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