Need to 'Mobilize' my site

The website is here:
I am the webmaster

I need to make the site Mobile friendly. I am currently using Tiger Pop Theme with lots of custom code and Rapid Cart 3. I am on RW6 and do not have stacks.

I have the Mobilize Plugin. However I would rather upgrade to a responsive theme and Rapid Cart Pro.

The client is adamant about the Menu, Banner, Background, Etc. So i need to keep that on the PC renderings. Also I have little money for this so do not want to upgrade to RW7 or get stacks. The Plugin may be the “easy” way or at least the cheapest. But I would really like to upgrade the site if I can.

Any suggestions,

You don’t need to upgrade to RW7 or use Stacks. However, you will get greater flexibility more easily with stacks. For example, you may wish to show/hide things on mobile, or centre text on a mobile that is left aligned on bigger screens. This can be easily done with Stacks. There are some free responsive themes but obviously a better choice and greater functionality if you look at some paid themes. Ultimately, a website has to be worth some investment - if you try to do it on the cheap the job will be less professional and more frustrating.

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Really, all you need to do is switch to a responsive theme. Your web site is very simple. Given that you don’t want to spend money, you could consider one the free themes out there, for example Will Woodgate’s Basic Blue.

(I should clarify that I don’t know the Tiger Pop theme that you’re using. I googled it, but didn’t find anything.)