New: a a free stack to style RW8’s privacy message

I just released the PMBeautifier Stack, a free stack to style RW8’s privacy message.

You can read all about it on its product page, where you will also find a demo.

Hope you like it!



Nice one! Many thanks.

Thanks Doug, I’m obviously not getting it or something is broken… it’s just not working for me.
Can someone please explain in laymans terms…
Should i be see extra content in the menu where markdown/html etc are?

Just tried it - works a treat. Wish it had come out before if started messing with the CSS, would have saved me a hour or so fiddling - Thanks again!

Just drop it in as a Stack

its all double dutch !

@F-RibsAndSibs: his stack only styles the privacy message you can add to your pages in RW8, it does not create it. You will have to activate it under Settings > Privacy. Check the Privacy Settings video here from 1’10".

Once the privacy message is shown, add the stack to the page and start styling the message.


Background color change works fine, but text color of the message does not work in preview or device simulator.

Sorry, but I will need more information:

What theme do you use?
What happens when you change theme?
Does it happen on a page with this stack only?
Can I see it live (online?)

Voyager Pro Theme. Will send more info. tonight.

Confirmed here - everything else working fine but not text colour change although button text does change colour (Foundation theme) - but for me, not a problem at this time.

Unfortunately, I cannot replicate this with the Foundation theme, and I don’t have Voyager Pro. If someone has a page online with a custom text color set in the stack where it doesn’t work, please let me know. I really want to fix this.

PM sent.

Thanks for the examples guys, I found what’s going wrong.

When the text inside the Show privacy message box is styled, that styling can not (always) be overruled by my stack. For example: when formatted text is pasted in the Show privacy message box, and that text has a color set, my stack cannot overrule it.

The only way out is to select all text in the Show privacy message box and apply Format > Clear Formatting; and restyle the message inside the stack.

You can of course use the styling in the Show privacy message box to overrule the stack’s styling, e.g. for individual words.

I will update the product page with this information, and send out an update with this information in the stack’s info pane.


Het werk en de service van Jeroen zijn altijd top :+1:


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Do I have to place this stack on every page of my website? Is there a way to place it just on home and it apply to all pages? Thanks.

You need to put it on all pages if you want it on all pages, BUT, I would suggest you look into Partials
This way, if you edit one stack on one page, the edit carries through to all of the same stack on all of the pages.

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