New Agent Stack - Multi-Langage, Server side visibility and more

Agent can intelligently display or hide content from the server side. This means that the content is never downloaded to the browser at all, not just hidden from view. This results in faster page downloads! For example, load a large image gallery on desktop but then on mobile devices, you could display a single image. This would drastically improve performance for mobile users.

The included Agent URL also allows you to control content by passing values dynamically through a URL query or subdomain. This is a great way to build multi-language websites.


I haven’t seen it yet but I’m guessing that you’d have 2 or more stacks on a page, each one would have different peramiters such as mobile, desktop, landscape, portrait etc, then you place the required content within those stacks.
So you could have 3 paragraphs of text for desktop but only 1 paragraph for mobile.
All on the same page but only the stack/content matching those peramiters get loaded when you view a page.
The visibility stack in Foundation is similar but it only hides none matching content, it’s still loaded. Agent content is NOT downloaded thus speeding up page load times etc.

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So Agent works exactly like a visibility stack would. There is only one page but the content that you want to show/hide goes inside the Agent stacks.

Agent does not detect landscape vs portrait. Its just not possible. That data is only available in the browser.

Hi @joeworkman,
can I use Agent URL query to change urls on my ready made multilingual site?
For example, I want to url change to the same language than content is switched on.

I have understood that having keywords on url for both languages is good SEO vice.

@joeworkman Hi, curious, as a multilingual option could it change site navigation language as well or just particular parts of the website?

Not if you are using a traditional theme. However, it could if you were using a stack based theme like Foundation.