Multilingual website

hi. everyone i have been working for a website where i want to integrate/embed urdu language in a single webpage. how can this be done ?

This can be accomplished with the RWML suite of stacks from S4S.

Of course, you will need font(s) that include a subset of Urdu language special characters.

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Have a watch of these two videos…

FYI. Agent is on sale this week as well!

I’m in the early stages of creating a bilingual site using the Agent stacks. They’re really very clever and, if you have Joe’s SEO stacks, will even let you present different SEO info for the different languages. I’ve previously used RWML and this is good, too – rather less clever, but also rather easier to get the hang of than the Agent stacks. In fact, I’m sure I’ll have to refer to Joe’s videos several more times before I get everything right.

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