New "Bell Boy" stack by Doobox

Hi there,

Today Doobox released the latest stack “Bell Boy”. A handy little stack, with some optional fun baked in. Not wanting to spoil the surprise, I’ll let the demo speak for it’s self.

You can see a demo of Bell Boy in action here.
Optional fun at the max setting.


That did make me laugh :slight_smile:

Very good.

Is there a setting that allows you specify the level of ‘cheese’?


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Should change the spelling of ‘Music’ to ‘Muzak’!

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Surely you’d have a setting to supply your own music track?

Now you can :

  • New option to provide your own music file.
  • New option to play or not to play the arrival bell when the elivator comes to a rest at the top of the page.

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Now, I’m gonna be THAT guy…

So, instead of the bell, I’d like to choose “STOP, HAMMER TIME!”

Could I do add my end music/tone?