Melodeon - New RapidWeaver Stack from Weavium : D

Introducing Melodeon - A new type of accordion that you’ve never seen before~ from Weavium!

Melodeon was inspired by the latest UI design trends on the web and turns plain-old accordions into something magic~ It allows you to create responsive horizontal accordions that can be be previewed and then expanded into full page content sections! Looks great everywhere and will definitely make your site stand out from the crowd :slight_smile:

Responsive, Expandable, Unique, and Awesome!

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Great stack! Please consider in a future update to have a down arrow icon option to be included as a toggle symbol.



Looks nice.

However, from the previews I saw it really doesn’t give a preview of the content, just changes the background image.

Is it supposed to show some of the content?

If not, then you still have to open the tab completely - whether you want a preview or to see the entire content. So its like any other accordion.

Or am I missing something?



We will indeed consider adding an option for custom toggle icons in the near future! : )



Hi there,

Thanks for the inquiry. We chose the word “Preview” because it seemed like the best description for this type of action. We wanted to describe that you don’t have to fully expand the item right away, and “preview” seemed like the best match.

Sometimes the hardest part about releasing new products is figuring out the best way to describe them through words. If anyone has a better word in mind than “preview” please let us know. : )

Melodeon for RapidWeaver

A melodeon, or ‘squeezebox’ as it is sometimes called, is a musical instrument. It is played by expanding and compressing a set of bellows whilst pressing a combination of buttons.
Weavium’s 20th stack, Melodeon, doesn’t play music, but it does expand and compress when hovered and it displays a button when clicked.

Melodeon, a row of columns. When one of the columns is hovered, it expands whilst the adjoining columns are compressed. When clicked, the column expands to full width, the vertical title flips to horizontal and both a ‘more’ button and an icon are displayed. The more button opens up a content slider below the expanded column and displays further information.

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