New Dealer stack by Doobox


We just released our latest stack Dealer.
Dealer presents a random image from a remote folder containing a selection of images.
Multiple Dealer stacks can be placed on a page.
Any dealer stacks on the page pointing at the same remote folder will never display the same image as another pointing at that folder.

While you will likely find many uses for the stack, our primary goal was to allow a huge folder of images from say a photographer, to be used to display a random selection from that folder of say a dozen, each time the page loads.

The idea was born following this forum thread:

You can find out more and see a demo here.


Instant purchase :smile:

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What a brilliant idea, and even more brilliantly executed. Could not be any easier. The fact that you can point to one folder of images, but the stack knows not to pick more than 1 out of group, when used multiple times on a page makes this a very useful stack!

@Doobox The hover effect is very nice, but does not seem to show up in my version of the stack. Nor do I see it in the screenshot on this page:

I’m guessing this is an easy fix for you, or I’m missing something totally obvious.

As there would seem to be no point in a hover effect unless the image links somewhere, then the hover effect settings are hidden unless you have selected to use the link setting. Once you select “on click” to “link”, then the optional hover effect settings will appear.

Gary: Got it! Easy as pie. Thanks for the quick response. Congrats on the fabo stack.


10 out of 10 for using warehoused images.


Great stack!

Consider doing same but with html/php pages. When a button is clicked a random html/php page is displayed. Folder path would be set in the stack parms. Include both php and html pages.

Another option to this concept which I’d like to see… sequentially step thru the folder so a user can simply click a “next” button for the next page in the folder. (Alphabetically as sorted on the server.)

Upon clicking “next” button the stack reads the url of present page then retrieves the “next” page (alphabetically) on the server. By having a Next button on each page visitors could step through all pages in folder.

USE: I have hundreds of pages that are news and comment type reports. People have voiced a desire to simply be able to quickly step thru them, rather than seeking specific names or topics. I added standard “Next” page links to all pages but they must be manually maintained when pages are inserted or deleted.

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Insta-purchase. Great stuff!

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Cool bought it too :slight_smile:

A new feature in v1.0.3 released today :

Real-world example:


A man of many talents!

I would love to see something like this implemented for a header, banner, and/or background image. So you could have a refreshed website each time someone visits, the get a random background. If all the backgrounds and header images were complementary in style that could be even more exciting to have a different header and background at the same time.

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