Random Image Stack?

I made a new site selling ties so it has many images/pages.
Is there a stack that would display a random image(s) so it looks a little different each time some one revisits? It would save me having to manually update the front page so often.
Thank you


The Slot Machine stack by Joe Workman will do this. I also believe DooBox has a stack too, not sure on the name of it though.


Thanks Joe. I have no knowledge of the Dealer stack, but I would like to say the coolest thing about the Slot Machine stack, is letโ€™s say you have 20 images you are choosing from, that stack uses PHP code to pick just one image to load. Again, not sure if dealer does that, but loading 20 images instead of one is not good for your site speed.

ooh that looks nice. Seems like I can just throw as many images as i like into a folder and it does the rest. Iโ€™ll give that a go i think.
Thank you


Hi Tim,
Just wondering what shopping cart you are using for the site? Looks interesting.
Cheers Scott

If you want the project file let me know.

RandomImage (free):

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