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Hi All. I’m looking for a way to display images (small adverts) in a random cycling pattern, so that everytime the page loads it doesn’t start with the same ad and then doesn’t display ads in same order - is there a stack for this? Thanks

The SortStack might help you: https://stacks4stacks.com/sortstack/
Try the free demo version to play around with it on your computer.

On the product page, the first example cycles through a group of images and displays one at random. Of note, you can either use images dragged and dropped into RapidWeaver or warehoused images (using simple HTML image tags).

It would certainly be feasible to set those individual images as links. You could also tie-in other attributes, like tracking code, to count the number of impressions (clicks) that advertisers might want to know.

I’ve seen SortStack used lots of times for the same purpose you describe. It could be a good match for what you want to accomplish. And it does many other filtering and sorting tasks, besides.

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Thanks will. I need he images to change while the page is open though (slideshow type of thing), not just display a different one everytime page is opened. Looking at sortstack page, it doesn’t look like it will do this… unless perhaps I add all images into a slider and then add as many sliders as I have adverts?

RefinedSlider looks like it could work for me though…

Dealer by dobox does that…

RefinedSlider ALMOST does what I want, but Ideally I need to add images and text to the boxes (or groups of stacks)

Sort stack has transitions setting though - what is this for? I don’t see an option for slideshow though?

Almost… i need the images to cycle though while the page is open, not just display 1 random image on page load. If i added Dealer to Orbit Slider - would a new image load with every slide?

If you want to display random data on the page, you want my Slot Machine stack. Its the only one of its kind to randomly choose content on the server. This is important so that only the content that you want gets sent to the browser.

Cheers. to get a random slideshow, which starts with a random image each time would I just add this to Orbit Slider for example?

That should work just fine.

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