New Front End Framework Update - Slydog Editor

Hi guys,

I’ve just released the latest version of my Slydog Editor. The editor is built around Bootstrap, the web’s most popular responsive framework.

The Slydog Editor is an ideal companion for use with our Slydog theme which comes free with the editor or if you use the Future theme.

I have made the Editor feature-rich so the majority of settings can be done through the editor itself.

In the Stacks inspector there are 12 sections all included:

  • Background

  • Header

  • Navigation

  • Sidebar

  • Header Text

  • Text

  • Code/Link

  • Image

  • Forms

  • Lists

Each section has many settings that can be changed so that you can achieve the look you require.

For example: The Header section has many settings to change the banner, change banner image, use custom banner, disable the image and just use a background colour, you can even disable the banner completely.

In the Header section there are also banner filters, brightness, Grayscale, saturate, you can even change the opacity so you can see the background image through it.

Change the height of the banner, the overlap angle, the list goes on.

The Editor basically changes the css values for you.

The Editor also comes with a few extra stacks to help you get started:

  • Slydog Button

  • Slydog Columns

  • Slydog Image

  • Slydog Reveal

  • Slydog Video

  • Slydog Slider

  • Slydog Header

…and a couple to help with simple contact forms

  • Slydog Base

  • Slydog Input

In this latest edition, I have added a range of filters for the banner including, opacity, grayscale and more. I have also added an automatic heartbeat effect.

I’ve decided to keep the price at £30 and the new features will be included in the update for existing customers.

We even have a FREE Demo.

There is now a huge amount of features available and all included in the base package without the need fo additional purchases.

As a project that I’m always developing, I always welcome any feedback from customers.


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