Slydog Editor - New CSS Editor Stack Package

Hi guys,

A week or so ago we released our new CSS editor stack package. The concept is to allow users of RapidWeaver a super simple way to edit themes to suit their requirements. We didn’t stop there, we also added a number of additional stacks to the main package that allows you to create an entire website in minutes. This includes, headers, buttons, sliders, contact forms etc. We’ve also made a free basic theme to go with it!

We’ve really gone all out to make a one stop, simple package giving you the freedom to create websites in no time and with no coding knowledge necessary.

As it’s our first Stack, we’re doing it, including all the little stacks to go with it for £40 + VAT. We have a 25% discount running for June which brings it down to £30 + VAT.

We’ve also decided to offer a free trial for a limited time. This omits a few of the smaller stacks but will give you an idea of the main deal.

Hope you guys like it. Any questions, just let me know.


Who actually are you, and what actually is Slydog Editor?

I’m struggling to work out either from your website, which seems really light on content. Yes, I know I can download the demo and try it, but I’m not downloading something from an entirely unknown source with minimal company info on the website. For obvious reasons.
Some background as to who you are and what the editor actually is would be helpful in making a buying decision.



A couple of empty pages.

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Welcome! Thank you for the Free trial to test out.

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They do work now

Hi guys, thanks for the comments. Al above probably got a little ahead of himself! I’m Doug, the developer of this stack. I’ve updated the about us page with more information :slightly_smiling_face:

I do think the demo is the best way to explore all the features but basically the Slydog Editor is a tool to allow you to change parts of a theme in real time including colours, fonts, shadows, boarders, text layouts, navigation etc. I’ve also included a simple theme, button creator, header, image slider & contact form creator. It really is as simple as that.

There is a tutorial on the website which runs through all the features.


First of all, thanks for the Editor and your new addition to the Realmac universe. Since you did ask about feedback, I think the way you present your products lacks a professional design. This looks - at least to me - unfinished and very quickly done (even though I think a lot of thoughts have gone into the development of the stacks and theme themselves). But to sell and convince users to chose your solution, it does need to be presented in a complete new way. Can you work together with a designer?

The free trial is a very good way to test, so that is great!


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So with the editor you can change any third party Rapidweaver theme in terms of the general look and feel? It works with all third party themes?

What do you mean by “real-time” in respect of theme editing? I’m a little confused by the use of the term in this context.


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The Slydog Editor allows you to customise certain parts of any theme and see the changes while previewing.

I have made the editor so that selecting custom settings can be enabled or disabled to turn on or off the custom settings you make to a theme.

The reason we have this is so you don’t break themes that have been designed by other developers.

We have tried to develop the Slydog Editor so that it works with other themes but some developers use their own CSS class names and ID’s etc. which makes it impossible to cater for every theme.

This means you can try the settings and if they don’t work then disable the custom settings for that part.

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Thanks for the feedback Jan. :slight_smile:

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OK, I think I get it.

So to put this in terms familier in the Rapidweaver community, Slydog Editor is a package of elements, with a theme, style stack and a handful of other stacks; buttons, headers, etc. The style stack might work with some third party themes, or not, but it does work with the Spydog theme?

Or, to put it a much shorter and easier way for the average weaver to grasp… Slydog Editor is a framework?

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Yes it is a framework, please give the demo a go, It cost’s nothing :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

I’ve decided to extend the discount on Slydog Editor framework for the whole of July. I’ve made a few updates and am also going to release a new ‘Reveal’ stack soon which will be included to the existing version of Slydog Editor so existing customers will get it with the next update.

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know I’ve released a major update for the Slydog Editor Framework. I’ve also added another free stack which is a Reveal stack. Similar to the other reveal stacks available but adds rotations on the x, y and z axis.

We’re keeping it at £30 for the rest of the month and everything is included. :slight_smile:

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