Slydog Editor FREE During COVID-19 outbreak

Hi, Guys
During these hard times we at Slydog Softworks have decided to release our Slydog editor Framework stack for FREE.

Every little helps, Enjoy!

We wish everybody the best, take care :slight_smile:


Many Thanks for this Doug

Your very welcome, we hope it meets your needs :blush:

Hi Doug,

Thanks very much. In these days of self-isolation, it is a welcome treat, as being around myself for too long can have dire results!

I’m in the process of doing up a participants website that will go along with a LMS (Moodle) and I have been playing around with the Slydog theme.

I have a question re: using a custom image (banner). When I open the inspector and open SD Ed. - Header, I check “use custom settings”, check “use custom banner” but my UI is somewhat different from the video tutorial. I don’t have the “hero skew” slider - instead I think it is “over-lap angle”, and I cannot find the “over-lay” selector. I only have BG colour.

Can you give a bit of direction? With my down-time from work think I can get a good site built with this theme.



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Thanks Doug, this will keep me busy for a while :+1:

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Hi Slavi,
Thank you for trying our editor.
Sorry for the confusion, the video was made before i made quite a lot of updates to the Header section.

Originally we based the editor on the future theme, our goal was to make it as editable as possible. However as i progressed more and more was added.
The future theme has a header skew which gives a nice angle to the bottom of the header.
However when we added the option for adjusting the width of the header it also changed the width of the content area and we thought it didn’t look right, so we completely recoded so that the content overlay area had the angle instead, thus we changed the option header skew to overlay angle.
But your quite right it is the same thing :slight_smile:

If you only see a background colour when using custom settings in the header section it overrides the site banner image, so you need to drag your banner image into the banner image well in the header section then you should see the image appear.

Hope this helps, If you have any more questions or ideas please ask away :slight_smile:


Many thanks for the free download, look forward to trying it out on my next project - not much else to do in ‘lockdown’!

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Your very welcome Dave, we look forward to seeing how your next project progresses :blush:

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