New here with a small question

(Mattheus van Zanten) #1

Hi all,
I am new here and new to Rapidweaver. At this moment I am using Blocs for my website, but I need something more and was wondering if Rapidweaver is the right solution for me.
I want to built a small website for a rental company. Preferably no monthly fee’s, I have my own host… I saw Rapdiweaver has a massive amount of add-ons, so probably there is something there that suits my needs perfectly; perhaps a e-commerce solution with a cart … Still looking around. If anyone has any tips; please feel free to share them! So I can make my choice quick…
Thanks in advance!
Grtz. Mattheus

(Paul Dennison) #2

What do you feel is missing from your site?

(Doug Bennett) #3

Without knowing more about what your needs are, it’s difficult to say for sure. As for the booking portion you might have a look at @yuzool booking stack. I don’t have it but it’s probably one to check for an “out of the box” solution w/o monthly fees.

There’s also quite a few outside booking solution available That can be easily incorporated into a RapidWeaver site.

(Mattheus van Zanten) #4

Thanks. I am still investigating…
I did already find the phpjabbers website, looks nice.

Was also looking at the add-ons; especially Rapid Pro looks very promising. Anyone built a website with that?