Hotel room booking

Does anyone know of hotel booking software that has website integration that would work with RapidWeaver?


PHPjabbers offer a hotel booking system, which can be integrated in Rapidweaver sites:

Thank you - I’ll be looking into that directly!

Let us know how it goes. I haven’t needed one yet but it’d be nice to know of options out there.

I actually gave my client the opportunity to save some $ and do one that she does the leg work on, and it is at I just had to enter the code generated and she does all the rest. We’re just working on it now, but here’s my client’s draft page.

Saskatchewan! Go Riders :wink:

Green is the colour! :wink: Are you on Regina’s mighty shores too?

Not anymore. I lived in Saskatoon and went to school at U of S but am in Alberta now.

I hope this helps give you something good