New much better video tutorial

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #1

Greetings fellow Weavers. I’ve created a new (very short) tutorial for my 10 Google Fonts for RW7/Foundation product site. The old one was, frankly, crappy hahaha. So here we go again:

Tip. If you click on the vid and watch it on Vimeo you’ll get a 10% discount code in the videos description.

Product site:

(Dan) #2

Nice work, I’m sure a lot of weavers will find this useful. Keep it up :+1:

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #3

Thanks! Coming from you it means a lot, really inspiring to hear :wave::pray:

(Juan Fernando Maguid) #4

Hey guys! Just did a small but (what I think) really nice update to my product site. Characters for each font as displayed on the Google Fonts site. One example:

Also thinking about doing some nice type specimens and giving them away as a free update. Thoughts?

characters listings slower