10 Great Google Font Combos - Big v1.2 update out now!

The update is out now grab it here:

Coming really soon and of course free for those who purchased v.1. :t_rex:


Hi, can you please make it available for FOUNDRY as well? I want to give you my money!

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Haha thanks for the positive feedback. I’ll definitely look into it in the future, haven’t used or learned Foundry yet so I don’t know the amount of work and time it would take me. Be aware that I worked on these ones for almost a year, of course not in hours but in time it has taken me to go from idea to product. But cool to hear good vibes :hugs::ok_hand::rainbow:

Hi, thanks. You will see it is pretty easy. Just look at the Typface stack from Foundry and you should already be set and done:


Looking forward to the Combos!

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Thanks @Fuellemann I’ll def have a look, have been very curious about learning/purchasing Foundry. How would you compare it to Foundation?

Easier to achive good looking results, not as many options, dedicated workflow. Very good in combination with special stacks like the ones from Weaverskingdom or BWD.

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Using fonts is very easy in Foundry. Checkout Jan’s link to the Foundry Typeface stack, but in summary all Foundry text stacks support up to 15 fonts and the Typeface stack allows you to define your web, Google or Typekit fonts. Also this is standard within Foundry so no additional stacks are required!


Proud to announce that the update is now out and features:
• 20 Site Styles instead of 10 as previous
• XL site styles for big typo lovers
• New lower price (from 29 Euros to the new price of 19 Euros)

Here’s a quick overview video (sorry I’m having a bit of a cold right now)

You can grab the product here:

@webdeer @Fuellemann That sounds really awesome, just up my alley. I’ll give it a go a bit further down the road, maybe over Christmas or something similar :smiley: :snowflake:

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