Step by step tutorial for 10 Great Google Font Combos for Foundation

I’m always trying to do communication better. I know I’m not always super great at it, I keep a lot of things stuck inside my head. That can be very frustrating to the ones near me. But also it bugs me when a customer has a hard time understanding my products. This is a way of addressing this issue:


Love to see this for Foundry. Any chance?


Good point.

@temperamento Not sure if you are aware, but Foundry comes standard with its full featured Typeface stack, which has inbuilt support for up to 15 web fonts. It even comes configured to use Google’s Roboto as the default.


@Fuellemann and @webdeer Thanks guys! Yes I’m aware of the amazing Foundry and I’ll eventually get there I promise but it’s like all things, first I need to invest time and money and then learn Foundry so I really make the most of this for you guys. It’s in my backlog :smiley:

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