New "Reflow" stack by Doobox

Hi there,

Today we released our latest stack “REFLOW”.


  • Can be used as 1, 2, 3, or 4 column stack.
  • Optionally hide any of the columns on any number of your chosen screen size.
  • Configure the number of columns seen per row independently on any of the device screen sizes.
  • Live edit mode preview of any of your screen size configurations.
  • Independent vertical and horizontal spacing between the columns.
  • Edit mode helper grid that also shows your gutter spacings live.
  • Option to set your own custom device sizes for each of the breakpoints.



Very nice stack @Doobox, thank you for developing it!


Absolutely outstanding.

Bought! Keep em coming doobox

Hi @Turtle,
I’ve just read your review which is fine except I do have an issue with your comments about “Overhead”.
The entire Foundation CSS grid is only 24kb in size (and 17kb) minified. I don’t understand why you refer to this as a huge overhead. Similarly the entire Bootstrap grid is only 26kb.
Both Bootstrap and Foundation grids provide the complete functionality for columns, visibilities, media queries and advanced layouts such as source ordering and column push/pull.

I am in now way commenting on this stack which I am sure is a fine product but I do feel that there are a lot of misconceptions about frameworks in the RapidWeaver community.

I have been developing framework based sites for many years both with off the shelf ones and self authored ones and while they are not applicable in every case they are certainly not bulky or “overhead hungry” solutions. In my short time using Rapidweaver I have compared the volumes of CSS and JS for themes with frameworks and not surprisingly they are roughly comparable with like for like functionality. In fact many of the themes use either Foundation, Bootstrap or UIKit anyway it is just that users don’t seem to realize it.

Thats it, I’ve got it off my chest now, I hope that you do not take offence, I only mention it for general informative purposes and as I say in no way am I comparing any of these statements to this stack which looks highly functional and a great addition to the stacks compliment.

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Hey Phil, thanks for the feedback about my review.

I am in no way dissing Frameworks, as I use (am playing with) Foundations, BootStrap & Pure. I like each of them and it is hard to decide which to use for a site. Theme’s can be limiting, Frameworks are pretty open to customization.

In regards to overhead… the less a page must load the better correct? So, with the Reflow stack, there is no need for any of the Framework base code to get it to work. No need to BUY the Framework and yet have similar functionality for flowing column content. This stack can be used in any Theme without the need for a Framework.

Hope that clarifies and thank you for bringing the concern to my attention and hope that I have cleared up any misconceptions.

Edit: and no offence taken :slightly_smiling:


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The CSS I wrote for the grid in Reflow is 8kb for the record.

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Absolutely lightweight is good and an 8kb grid is certainly that. As I said, I didn’t want the issue to be confused.

It is of course self evident though that any responsive theme will have a grid of some sort, whether custom of proprietary. How about a @Doobox theme based around the Reflow grid, super light and just what people want, simple and controllable. That would be great.

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I embarked on a theme a few times over the years. But what looks stunning to me on day one in a mock up, end’s up looking nothing special in my mind after 7 days of developing it, and looking at it 18 hours a day :slightly_smiling:


I love your icons :slightly_smiling:


Time to reach for helmet, flakjacket and extra helmet to sit on…

Bring back your Ranger (think that was the name) theme/app idea you announced a while back

Reflow by @Doobox is the best layout stack available for Rapidweaver by a huge margin! It even supports vertical centering! Worth every penny.