Gridly, Responsive Grids, Hang Glider & Fluid Columns

Is there any stacks out there that are free or responsively resize the grid in Stacks pages. Grizzly works but has issues. I have found some other stacks through much searching but not sure which is the best or if I am really comparing apples to apples here.

Responsive grid stacks
• Gridly (free) - If you change the grid size it removes the content that was already there. (Came with the Shift Theme)
• Responsive Grids - $15
• Hang Glider - $18 $10

It would be so nice if when developers posted stacks and plug-ins to on, they could put what it is similar to that way overtime the plug-ins can all be viewed under “Similar Software” at the bottom and that would grow. I am too much of a noob to know what to look for and compare right now. Looks like that feature might be coming in the future from podcast 17 last week.

I’m clearly new and learning, I just found this and is so much closer to what I was looking for.[]=Columns&stack_developer[]&wpv_column_sort_id=post_date&wpv_column_sort_dir=desc&wpv_post_id=121&wpv_view_count=5130-CPID121&wpv_paged=1

So nice to search by category.

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Hi @skillet,

I want you to know that Gridly is a FREE Stack that comes with Shift Theme and some other of our Themes, like Corp and Nuance, it will only work with our Themes, I made it so that it is simpler for users to use Stacks and Grids when using our Themes.

Have a look at Adaptive Grid -

There’s also the Grid category. And if you’re looking for a free grid, you can use the Free category, and then enter Grid in the Search field. That’ll bring up the same Adaptive Grid stack Rob mentioned above.

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Thank you every one for the help, I didn’t see the free category that is extra nice!