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Hi everyone. This is Hans Wisse from the Netherlands. The Split theme that I use does not seem to be fully responsive. The screen of an iphone 11, for example, is just a bit too wide. It then displays 3 narrow columns instead of everything together. see website: www.jwpt.nl
Can I change this somewhere in the code of the split theme, and if so how should I do that? Thank you for thinking along!
Best wishes, Hans

It’s not actually the theme that’s causing your issue. It’s the 3 column stack that’s included with Stacks. It considers a mobile device to be devices with a screen width up to 400px wide. The iPhone 11 (and others like the 8 Pro) are 414px wide. This causes the 3 column stack to show in 3 columns as opposed to a single column. I don’t know if Yourhead (@isaiah) has any plans to change this, now that mobile devices have gotten a bit wider.

You can always use a different stack that allows more control over how many columns it displays and at what size it changes. There are a number of them out there. AdaptiveGrid is a bit more complex than the 3 column stack you’re using, but offers a lot of control. If you like and use it, consider a donation to the developer (@willwood) , who I’m not affiliated with in any way. He makes a lot of good stacks. I’m sure others can offer other suggestions for column/grid stacks you could use.

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Wow Don,
What a fantastic and also quick response!!. That is very clear and understandable. What I understand less is what ‘Yourhead’ does. I mean, they have to? This stack can no longer be used in this way…
In any case, I have downloaded the Adaptive Grid. And I’m going to study on that. It requires more custom settings. But I will probably succeed. Thanks again for your response !!

YourHead Software is the maker of Stacks – the extensible layout plugin to RapidWeaver. It’s the thing that allows you to use all these other things called “stacks”.

The YourHead Software company is just me and my wife: Isaiah and Christi. You can visit our site here: http://yourhead.com and download Stacks or some of our other nice plugins.

Let me know if you need any help using Stacks or our other plugins,


Dear Isaiah and Christi,

Nice to meet you and thank you very much for your email.

It is my honor to be in contact with the owners of “Yourhead software”.!

You have found me through the forum. I have started a topic about my problems with the Split-theme. The website that I am building for my son does not seem completely responsive. On iphone 11 for example.

The problem could also be in your stacks that I use. Can you give me a recommendation to solve the problem?

this is the url. www.jwpt.nl

Thank you in advance!

Best wishes,


Hans Wisse

Op 20 januari 2020 bij 05:50:43, Isaiah Carew via RapidWeaver Forums (announce@forums.realmacsoftware.com) schreef:

Hi Hans,

I gave you some advice via email as well. About checking out different stacks that provided more flexibility.

Does anyone on the forum have advice for some good replacements for the built-in column stacks that are a bit more responsive and flexible?

But there are ways to adjust the built in ones a little bit. I’ve made a video to help show you how – I’m afraid I don’t have a good microphone at the moment, so you’ll have to turn your audio way up to hear me. My new microphone is due to get her in a couple weeks on a very slow boat from China. :ship:

Here’s the video:

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I recommend Marathia’s Smart Columns 2

and @Doobox Reflow:

Reflow from Doobox is one of the most perfect stacks out there.

The balance between simplicity, options and speed is pretty much ideal. It will allow you to structure your columns any way you feel like, very easily and for any device.

Not affiliated with Doobox - it’s just a great stack.

Dear Isaiah,

Thank you for your very clear video. That helped me very well. This fully answered the question and this resolved my problem. I am very grateful for your extensive help.

Thanx a lot!

Warm wishes from the Netherlands,


Op 20 januari 2020 bij 13:32:22, Isaiah Carew via RapidWeaver Forums (announce@forums.realmacsoftware.com) schreef:

Thank you for explaining and delivering a solution.

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