New site with HV BANX them

Hi, I’ve completely updated an older site with the recent Banx Theme from Henk Vrieselaar.
Always happy to work with his themes. Sorry the site is only in Duth (glad it wasn’t in 2 or 3 languages for once)

Maybe just one small thing : sometimes there’s a flicker and you see a black box image for a few seconds instead of the green Chaplin image.
It’s done with Doobox Eternity2 stack (nice too) and almost always in the second page (and sometimes the third one).
Maybe that’s because that 2nd page has the slide box images and it take a bit longer to open this page?
BUT I’ve been working more than a week with a test site online and than - with that same contents - I’ve never had that (undesired) effect. It just started after the publishing.


Very nice site.

Interestingly, if you take a look at Henk’s demo page for Banx, you’ll see the same thing - when the first page loads there’s a small black rectangle that’s clearly visible for a split second. I wonder if it’s something that @henkvrieselaar is aware of and might be able to fix?


Hi Rob, I’ll send him a personal note. Thx !
Oops and thanks for the appreciation.

Rob, I’ve received a theme upgrade and no black window flickering anymore.
Banx owners will receive that upgrade too !

Great response from a really good RW developer.

The site looks awesome, but you should add Browser titles for all pages for SEO.