Unsupported Themes - still for sale

Hi All

I alluded to in my last post but why are unsupported themes still being sold on the Realmac site. I just purchased another theme off the Realmac site from Nick Cates because it said suitable for RW8 however, that theme doesn’t even appear for sale on his site with the only referencetom it is 6 lines of knowledge base. As far as Brandon Lee Themes go well I have done my dough it would seem as it has outdated fonts causing mixed content problems.

Realmac will you please clean this up or stop selling outdated stuff on behalf of developers. Worst of all I can’t get in touch with these guys and in the case of Brandon Lee Themes I would like my money back.

Can anyone please explain it to me or give me some confidence in my purchases.


Perhaps @dan could have a look at those themes or mark them as “not compatible to RW8” or similar?

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Realmac is not selling. The RW community page is just a catalog, and each developer is adding and maintaining their stuff.


@nickcates i think is who’s responsible for what he’s listing on the community site.

As an idea should the community page be automatically cleared, obviously with an option for the dev to renew before this happens, say every 6-12 months?

That way only devs who are still interested/involved have their products listed, those who are no longer interested would see their products no longer “promoted” in the gallery and avoid this sort of situation?


Thanks for all the replies.

I hear what some of you are saying however, my experience is that there is a difference in what is for sale in the Realmac Marketplace and what is on the devs website. For example I purchased the Fortress theme from Nick Cates via the marketplace, I then went looking for documentation and discovered that the Fortress theme is not available on Nick Cates’ site and does not even get a mention in the legacy section.

On the point about Realmac not being the seller well if it were my website and I invited a whole lot of people to use it then I would make sure that they were meeting some form of a minimum standard. I think it just reflects badly.

Anyhow I hope the market place can be scrutinised a little more and if it isn’t already, make a condition that all themes and addons must be relevant and compatible when RW or the standard changes



When you click on the buy button, it is taking you to https://nickcates.cartloom.com, so technically it’s still available from the developer.

I do agree the the Community Web Site needs a lot more over-site.

There are developers that provide zero support, but still sell products and don’t have any problem collecting money.

All and all it’s giving RapidWeaver a bad name.


I guess that’s not special for RapidWeaver, but common for all platforms.

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The difference is that these products are being “sold” on an official RealMac sponsored site. Unless you look closely at the URL you might not even realize that you are going to someone else’s shopping cart.

Think about new users, there’s links to the community site right in RapidWeaver. You go there find a product, hit the “get xyz” button and are presented with a shopping cart with the product in the cart. They don’t know that they’ve left the official community site. They might not realize that RealMac doesn’t support the product and won’t give you a refund if it doesn’t work.

It’s not like they found the product from a Google search, they found it right from within RapidWeaver.


You could say the same about the Apple App Store.

Realmac should not be blamed for everything.

My 2 cent.

If you buy anything from the Apple App Store, you pay Apple not the developer and you can get a refund from Apple. Plus anything on the App Store goes through a certification process and if Apple gets too many complaints or requests for refunds they’ll pull the product.


We’re listening, and I understand this is a bit of an issue. I’ll have a chat to @ben and see if we can work something out.


Yeah I ran into the same issue with Stacks - for example it links to Kuler Solutions yet it’s a dead link. Definitely some clean up work needs to happen in there.

I agree.

Can you please require a check from the developer every 6 months and if this does not happen they will be unlisted automatically?

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Yup, we hear you!

We’re working on a community site update that will hopefully make the community site much, much better in this regard. Stay tuned!


Realmac is involved in the sale of these products. They may not receive any monies (I doubt that they don’t), but they are responsible of advertising and directing sales to third parties. Are you insisting that realmac does not have a hand in the sale? Come on Realmac, put your big pants on and deal with the complaints. Your site is not only Rapidweaver, but the contents of your site too! Please stop hiding behind poor excuses.

RMS does not get any percentage of the sale. Each developer is able to decide if he or she wants to book advert slots or not.

Hi Dan,

My name’s Mark (I live in Lewes so am maybe close to you?)

I’ve recently transferred my RW website onto a new Mac but some of the photo/images keep disappearing. I’ve had to re-find the images and put them back into the site twice now. Last time, after checking the ‘Copy into document’ option, (as advised on te forum) the resources stayed for a while but now they’ve disappeared from the pages yet again. I can’t keep doing this every weekend, it’s getting frustrating. Can you advise me?


Hey Mark,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Couple of questions for you:

  • What page type are the images stored in? Styled Text? Stacks?
  • Are you storing the save file on a cloud service or external drive?
  • Are you using the latest version of RapidWeaver + plugins?

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this as this certainly shouldn’t be happening.