HV-BANX theme with RWML stack

I wasn’t planned for doing new sites but as this is a rather small site made with the HV-BANX theme and the RWML stack (tsooj.net) for a local butcher.
There is only a dutch and french version - so sorry but no english here.
As he didn’t wanted to receive mails (no time for the folluw-up) or orders from out the site there’s nowhere any mail address on it.
The only target was to give the opportunity for the clients to see or download there menus all over the year or specially for the end of the year (as there are two menus)


Looks nice. You might want to give a bit more attention to SEO especially the keywords “description” and “title” to establish a steady stream of customers in the whole of Europe to this great shop :upside_down:

Can we get a discount on the menus?

No problem for me :slight_smile:
Thanks for the comment.
I do have little notion of what’s playing in the ‘background’ of any site. I’m no webdesigner in the real sense of that word.
So I’ve put some words in my sitemap description and I’ve thought that would be enough as SEO info but I must be wrong I suppose as well as for the title(?) ?

I’ve done some SEO adaptions. Hope this is better. I do get a rate of 74% now.