New "Skyward" stack by Doobox

06 am

Just a heads up. We just released our latest stack “Skyward”.
There’s more info and a demo of Skyward here.


@Doobox – FYI: looks like a bad link. Linked to a different stack.

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Thank you Adam. Fixed. God knows how that happened.

@Doobox - the features described for Skyward appear to be similar to the BluePrint stack by BWD - I am sure there will be differences - could you outline those differences please ?


Both stacks can achieve the same outcome (moving content up and over the content above). As with all our stacks, I set out to achieve this in a way that is simplified to the bone.

It passed the Mavis test. Mavis is our 67 year old corner shopkeeper, who I call on to test new things. If Mavis can use it without instruction, then it passes :slight_smile:


Bravo Mavis :grinning:

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This was an instant buy… Thx

Well you can call me stupid or whatever, because I missed how to get this going and was dumping images and text boxes into the Skyward stack - thinking it had to be something like that - but it wasn’t! It was much simpler.

Clearly Mavis has one up on me, so pass me her contact info so I can get a few websites done…

So yes I think its a simple and effective stack and will use it alongside all the other toys in my Rapidweaver box


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@Doobox - on a slightly different subject does your iMac stage stack support warehoused images ?


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