I am back ? did you miss me?I now have a small problem which i forgot how to do

hi everyone i have been away from my mac book pro for far too long about 9 months in total due to me having a stroke i have had a lot of rehab and now trying to get back to normal, i have also forgotten a lot
the purpose of this post is to ask in the rapidweaver world what have i missed ? can anyone help me with that please


Welcome back, Tim! Nice to have you back. Hopefully, the stroke will not have any negative effect on your rapid weaving…

Which versions of OS, RW and Stacks have you last used?

Hey Tim! Glad to see you are back and hope everything goes well for you!! Big thing is Stacks 3.5 has shipped. It has a cool new feature where it will tell you which stacks are not installed if you download a project file from a developer. Before Stacks 3.5, it would only say Template, but now it does this:

One of the many cool features (mainly dev API stuff) that Stacks 3.5 has.

Also, Dan and the crew have been telling us that RW 8 is on the horizon. No date as to when, but they are working hard on it. I can tell you that even developers do not have it yet, so not too soon, still good news they are developing it!

Glad to see you back again!!!
Have a great day!

Sorry to hear about your stroke! Hopefully you’ll be back to normal soon.

I think the biggest thing in the RW world is that no one has publishing issues anymore and there are never any complaints about Rapidweaver 7 :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, some of the bigger thing that come to mind (order is random and this is not at all comprehensive):

  • Much of RW7 updating seems to be around helping out with publishing and getting compatible with High Sierra
  • Workman/Foundation - Joe released a set of Email stacks; There’s also been a recent update to the Total CMS Blog that seems to be getting good reviews
  • Foundry - there’s a new set of stacks for Foundry (called Potion). And there’s a new Project developer for Foundry (egomade) that has quite a few templates
  • As Zeebe mentioned. Stacks 3.5 is out. 4 is being worked on
  • Big White Duck has lots of new goodies. Blueprint and ButtonPlus2 are ones I use quite a bit but he has others.
  • Stacks4Stacks has taken over some RW developers that have retired/moved on/focused on other things, and is steadily re-writing/re-releasing some of their work.
  • The podcast has been on hiatus for a while, though it will show up occasionally.
  • Yuzool started a subscription business model and has released quite a few new stacks/themes

I’m off to a meeting, though! I’ll let others fill in on the other developers :slight_smile:


@timmytoad Sorry to hear your news and hope your recovery is on track.

In terms of what’s happened in the last 9 months:
Huge amount of 3rd party activity.
Significant new Stacks update.
RW now has Pinned tabs!
Price of RW7 has dropped from $99 to under $10 with 4 other Apps - Yummy Deals


thank you chaps for your concern and precious tips my stroke is summat i shall just have to get used to and i dont recommend any of it.

today i have come up for a little air ! and found i dont know how to create a shortcut to my desktop of my treasured mac book pro, (why is it so heavy ? i dont even know how to Edit a shortcut/bookmark i am sure i should be able to edit a shortcut i have already created for example facebook.com !!! i do hope someone can help me despite it being nothing to do with “RW” ! thankyou very much someone if you can help:slight_smile :slight_smile:
below is a photo of me being taken for a ride on a wheel chair bike by my eldest daughter

Traveling in style there Tim! :sunglasses:

To make a shortcut of a website drag the url from the address bar in your browser (Safari, etc.) onto the desktop.
You’ll get a file named your-url.webloc. Not sure how to edit them though.

Best of luck with your recovery!


thank you dave on the shortcut tip it is amazing how much i have forgotten


Glad it helped. I know how it is - a short time away from the computer and things can get hazy. But it comes back quickly too.

Hi… not sure if you are wanting a shortcut to your website or shortcut to your desktop. (On a Mac a shortcut is called an “alias”.) David pointed out that you can just drag a url for website shortcut. If you are wanting a shortcut to your desktop just right-click on your desktop folder and select “Make Alias.” Then move the alias to where you want it. There really is nothing to edit on a shortcut/bookmark.

If you wanted a shortcut to your website for your web browser most browsers allow you to drag the url to the appropriate shortcuts bar.

Good to have you back Tim!

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