New to rapidweaver,couple of questions

Just bought a imac and wanted to get familiar with a web building app, so went with rapidweaver 8. As project Im going to build a new website for my daughters teakwondo studio.
I want the banner to change images every few seconds on a loop and Im looking to and a contact column on the left of the page and a news column on the right of the home page.
Am i better off buying a stacks addon or is it possible within a theme to add columns and banner that rotates images.
Thanks for any help.

@Bigcarper I’m not an expert but I bought the Stacks Plug-in as soon as I bought RW many years ago and would not want to try building a website without Stacks. There are individual stacks you can purchase to let you do just about anything. There are also a lot of very useful free stacks. I would think that themes are built with the idea that you will be using Stacks. I’d suggest you go to several of the stacks developer’s sites and watch the on-line videos and tutorials they have showing you how their stacks work. I know that @joeworkman, @willwood, @Elixir, @CosCulture, and many others have these on there websites. There are also a lot of free training videos on the RealMac website to help you get started.

Good luck!

There are plenty of themes that support a rotating banner without having to buy anything else, but Stacks makes everything sooo much easier and more rewarding. If you’re going to be building more than one site, I definitely recommend Stacks - it’ll really open up RW for you.


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Stacks is great.
If you want to take it for a test drive YourHead offers a free demo version to try out

As for theme’s, there are tons that will do a lot of what you want with or without Stacks.

If you go with stacks I don’t think you will be disappointed. Just go slow at purchasing all the “stacks” add-ons for the "stacks plugin.

Have a look at some of Will Woodgates(@willwood) themes(and stacks as well) as he also offers free demo versions to try before you buy.

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Thanks guys, I bought the Stacks 3 plugin and the foundation stacks for a deal on cyber Monday… Site is starting to come along nicely and its actually fun learning as I work on different aspects of the site. Looking at working on s scrolling news column next. whick stack would work well with that?

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