Where are the Commercial Rapidweaver Themes?

Not a single one on Themeforest? Where are they hiding?
The Stacks4stacks people say their stacks are primarily for Themeforest themes…but apparently there aren’t any.

I think you got the name Themeforest wrong. Stacks4Stacks addons are made primarily (but not exclusively) for themes built by ThemeFlood. Great themes and great customer support.

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@Rovertek OK…sort of. Themeforest is the largest repository of themes on the Web. It’s kind of a bazaar for coders. It’s strange that no one there has listed any Rapidweaver themes. I wasn’t looking for Stacks4Stacks material per se, I was wondering why there are no Rapidweaver themes at all listed. That’s odd.

I guess, it’s because RapidWeaver Community is a “bazaar” of its own? All addons (including themes) that are made for RW can be found there. You can search that site for a specific item by several categories.


Dozens compared to hundreds and without a comprehensive catalog.

There are no references to ThemeForest on any of my websites that I am aware of. I owned the ThemeFlood domain name many years before ThemeForest came along! :smirk:

RapidWeaver addons on ThemeForest has been seriously considered in the past by several developers. However there were found to be far too many logistical constraints of trying to market addons in parallel to existing marketplaces and developer websites. We would otherwise be faced with being charged about 30% commission on every addon sold, plus taxes. Considering that most RapidWeaver developers only develop addons as a side project or a hobby, this would inevitably force prices up for everyone. Selling independently keeps prices lower and gives you direct contact with the developer for support or updates etc.

At least one developer (I’m aware of) tried to create a new RapidWeaver section on ThemeForest and submitted several themes. But I heard everything got rejected and some of the reasons stated were most comical. So it would seem ThemeForest aren’t too keen on promoting RapidWeaver addons or offering developers any sort of reduced commission rate; in reflection of the fact RapidWeaver addons are generally cheaper in comparison with Wordpress addons (which ThemeForest mostly specialises in).

All developers have their own websites and established checkout processes, so a simple Google search will often reveal what you’re looking for. And if you’re looking to achieve a specific design or functionality, then a quick question posted on these forums will often result in many suggestions and links being put forward.


I’m not a fan of ThemeForest; once when I tried to purchase from them Paypal canceled the sale because of excessive fraud complaints. But at least they have a fairly comprehensive, curated site. Finding a website that has a theme/project/stack with the needed functionality on Google is not, unfortunately, a trivial task. Currently I am trying to use Adaptive Grid by Stacks4stacks to have 2 columns of text with an image on one side; the old “left image float” supplied with RW5 is not responsive and I can’t tell if it will work on a Bootsnap site. I’ve come across a stack called Reflow which may or may not solve the problem. I don’t mind paying for it, I do mind buying a pig in a poke where I have no idea if the Stack will cooperate: w/Stacks 3.; with the underlying Responsive theme, if not, with Bootsnap, etc. Who knows? I have seen some developers who provide a checklist: for this theme you need the following stacks. Others, though, throw software out there with a version number and no manual. Rapidweaver used to stand for rapid website deployment. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I’ve had five or six sites up and running quickly under RW5. The “maybe it will work” philosophy under RW6 really is a serious obstacle.

You mentioned “reflow”… All the Doobox stacks will work in stacks version 3 and the majority in version 2 also. Every product page has details of requirements.

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I know I have posted a lot here; but this is depressing.

@Doobox: I looked at your page but I can’t determine if Reflow will reflow text around the float. The result desired is this:

These are the non-functional stock Stacks that come with RW6 (or maybe they migrated when I upgraded). Are these two responsive? Who knows?

On your site it’s clear that Reflow will let you create two columns:

(you enter a “0” value (somewhere) and the column disappears. But if I drop an image stack into column #1 and a text or html stack in column #2, will the text flow around the image? I didn’t see anything in the FAQ or elsewhere thqt answered this question. So even though your site is well laid out, I don’t have a clue as to what the answer to this (typographically simple) question is.

The image size is 1800x1900 pix, which I know is too big. But what size is optimal for a float surrounded by text? What are the parameters?

Paragraph Pro by Big White Duck has floating image layouts built in (along with a host of other things). And it is free. Big White Duck has stacks that are generally designed for Foundation, but not exclusively and I think Paragraph Pro works in other themes.

I do have Reflow by Doobox, and like it very much. I don’t know that it’s really made for floating images around text, though I could be wrong.

There is a site demo here: http://demo.bigwhiteduck.com/paragraphpro/
And there is a downloadable demo project here: http://www.bigwhiteduck.com/stacks/paragraphpro/

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I think the page makes a decent job of describing what the stack does. Granted it does not answer questions about things the stack does not do (like the example you mention).

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@jabostick Thanks for the mention of Paragraph Pro, I’ll give it a try

@Doobox That is the problem with RW software. There is no easy way to determine if a tool a)is appropriate for a given task or even if b) it exists.

Try http://rapidweavercentral.info/stackcentral/ for RW stacks, themes, and plugins. Between that and http://rapidweavercommunity.com/rapidweaver/addons/ you can find all the RW add ons . But Fiver - well, not sure why you were expecting to find RW add ons there.

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I’d recommend looking at the offerings exactly as they are described and demo’d. If they don’t claim to do something, assume they don’t.
If there is a specific task you need an add on to do for you, asking here always ends up with someone pointing you at some solution. Wether that be an add on or custom code. The forum members are always keen to help out.

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IMHO best to resize the image to the size you actually want it to be. Then you can see how the text will wrap around it in a floating stack as well as you won’t be using an enormous image with an unnecessarily large file size which will slow down your page load speed.

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@thang I wasn’t expecting to find add ons on Fiverr; I was hoping to find someone who would fix the projects I’m working on without having to post multiple times on this forum.

Try posting your request to hire an RW designer to help you here in the forum, I’m sure you’ll get at reply. People have requested that before on the forum.

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Searching YouTube or Vimeo will bring a whole host of tutorials for using RapidWeaver 5/6 with Themes/Stacks, etc.

Generally, unless otherwise specified, a stack will work in Foundation or BootSnap (Most Themes are made with bootstrap)

The RapidWeaver Community site and the RapidWeaver Central site are absolutely the 2 best locations to find themes and stacks from almost every developer, you have already been directed to these sites…

Once you find a Theme that you think you like, go to the developers site for more information, video’s, FAQ’s, instructions, demo project, etc…

A little research goes a loooonnnnggggg way :wink:

For a COMPLETE site project file, you might try Hipster Weaver and WebDeersign. Both of these folks offer PROJECT files based off Joe Workman’s Foundations Themes and Stacks as well as a touch of Big White Duck and Stacks 4 Stacks…

Personally, I find Elixir Graphics, ThemeFlood, Nick Cates Design and Henk Vrieselaar to be outstanding, there are many others that I use, however, based on your forum posts, I would recommend Elixir Graphics, Hipster Weaver, WebDeersign in that order.



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