New user needs help!

I’m very frustrated trying to learn RW - mostly because I can’t arrange things on the web site where I want them to go. I published my site at, but I can’t, for example, change the size of the “slogan” text, so it’s too big and in the wrong place. There’s no way to move it.

Also, I set up a blog, but can’t erase or update old entries.

I fear that the program isn’t working because it’s designed to be used with stacks, but after purchasing RW, I really don’t want to invest in add-ons when I can’t even move or resize text. But is that the point? Buy stacks to be able to organize or edit your page?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Figures. Glad I didn’t throw good money after bad.

Hi Glenn(@Glenn) and Welcome to the Forum,

Stacks can make doing layout changes much easier, but you don’t have to have stacks to produce an excellent website.

The Theme you are using (Future) doesn’t have finite controls for the sizes of the of the slogan text. RapidWeaver is “Theme based” for the most part. There are a number of frameworks that give you a lot more freedom on designing the complete layout. They start with a blank theme and then use stacks pages to allow you to build a site about anyway you like.

Traditional themes like what you are using can allow you to change some parts of the layout. The themes that come with RapidWeaver are more entry level themes. They don’t offer as much control as you may like.

You can of course look at other 3rd party themes that allow more controls and layout options.

The other thing you can do is to use custom CSS to change layouts.

Of course that requires you to either ask for help here, or learn CS. So, for example, you could add the following CSS part of the sitewide or page level code:

.hero-title em {
font-size: 30px;

You can then of course change the size to what you want.

I’m no expert of the included blog plugin, but you can to edit existing entries and to delete them you need to select them and hit the - button. You do have to republish for the changes to take effect.

If you want to have a look at some other themes that will give you a lot more control in the Master styles area have a look at ThemeFlood. @willwood has quite a good selection of both Free(donation accepted) and paid themes. All have try before you buy.


Stacks is great…So much control.

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Thanks! I used to use Apple’s “iPage”. It was easy, and everything on the site was customizable. I haven’t been able to find anything that will let me create my own design - just a hand full of pre-designed pages, where there is very limited placement of photos & text.

I thought RW would let me get creative, but it seems that the original 4 or 5 templates are all you get. (sigh)

I guess I’ll keep on looking.

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Glenn, like you I started out in creating web pages strictly for myself by first learning some basic HTML and CSS skills then, also like you, using iWeb before moving on to several other web creation software, Sandvox, Dreamweaver, Freeway, etc. I believe I picked up Rapidweaver when it was at version 3 I think. However, I abandoned it and returned to it a couple of times before I decided to master my frustration and understand how it worked. I mention this only because you sound very frustrated at the moment about Rapidweaver and seems like you just want to throw in the towel. If you take a step back and are open to suggestion, perhaps you might try asking for specific help on this forum for what you want to accomplish - enlarging a header title, changing a banner image or going about creating your blog, etc. There are lots of very knowledgeable folks here and - based on my experience - they are very generous and helpful. You might find the solutions you are looking for.


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