Plugin/Stack for Vimeo auto-update

I’m looking for a simple solution with RapidWeaver, to create a new website.
Basically it will be a video galley, with all videos (more than 100) stored on Vimeo.
I’ve found many options based on video ID, so I have to manually create the video galley, one by one…
What I’m looking for is how to create a gallery of videos which automatically updates each time a new video
is published to a specific channel on Vimeo.

Not used it, something like this:

Thanks for your reply… I was looking at the Vimeo Wall tutorial :slightly_smiling:
This looks interesting, I have to investigate if it’s possible to show not only video title, but also video description as published on Vimeo.

Hi @QMax, you can add the description to the Vimeo Wall stack if you use it in conjunction with Joe’s TipTip stack. You can see a demo of that here
and we have a tutorial for that here

Thanks zeebe.
Isn’t available a clean way to show Vimeo file description statically like for the title, instead of in a tool tip ?

Thanks and… live long and prosper :slightly_smiling:

Unfortunately no. I can add it as a feature request for an update of the stack, but can not tell you when or if Joe would be able to add it.