New Wallpaper Stack - Amazing Background Gradients and SVG

(Joe Workman) #1

You may have already noticed Wallpaper on the new website. It is a wonder stack that allows you to easy create beautiful backgrounds. It has hundreds of pre-built gradients and customizable SVG backgrounds that give you infinite possibilities. Wallpaper is used all over the new Weaver’s Space site. Virtually anything that has a colored background is done with Wallpaper. I am sure that it will quickly become one of your favorite stacks!

Wallpaper now has 3 new in-depth tutorials that were uploaded just today. Check them out and more info about the stack at

(Doug Stansfield) #2

Great tutorials @joeworkman!

(Joe Workman) #3

Thanks Doug! I thought doing multiple shorter tutorials was better than my marathon videos. I expected them to be shorter but I think that they have the right amount of info.

(Paul Rowe) #4

Hi Joe

Like Doug I also feel your instructional videos have improved greatly and hope that you can deliver more both for Wallpaper and your other stacks - such tutorials become catalysts for further creative growth.

Well done


(Joe Workman) #5

Thanks for the feedback Paul! I am glad that you are liking the new videos. I will try to keep it up…

(system) #6

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