New Web Accessibility Cookbook out in June

Just found out about a new website accessibility book coming out in June, looks like a very worthwhile addition to the library!

I’m off to pre-order a copy now…


This is a good recipe to learn by heart. Please bake in as much as you can into Elements. :wink:

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Especially JavaScript, css, html, mysql, php, hmmm and automatic translation with automatic lexical and syntactic correction in at least all languages including signs… if possible of course. :tada:

@dan Hi, I took the time to reflect before posting a more serious message. I know I’m going to be criticized of course but I have to make this remark: 64€ for 372 pages is not very accessible to everyone. After the bad pun, I see that accessibility and what relates to disability is again very expensive (look at the price of Snoezelen equipment… for example). I’m used to it but every time it revolts me. That’s it. Sorry to pass once again for an old radoter never satisfied. :pensive:

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That’s exactly why I asked RM to bake it in. Besides, I’ll bet any amount of money that ALL the information is available for free online if you look for it. Because true accessibility is published industry standards regulated by very few people, like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG2 WCAG3).

The most important part of accessibility is realizing it should be done, can be accomplished by anyone, and that they might have to adjust their toolbox to get it done. Thus, I hope RM takes into account the seriousness of providing the tools to help us make our website as fully accessible as possible.

The reality is, it doesn’t take much from the software; it does take knowledge and effort from the designers. But even this is easy if you take the time to learn. Semantic HTML is 90% of getting there, with the addition of a few ARIA roles added only as needed.

With Globals, or whatever it’s going to be called, doing it once and reusing the chunks makes it easily repeatable.

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I have shared this before. But I think it is worth sharing again. The take away is understanding the principles. Though there are plenty of how-tos fully explained with examples.
Web Accessibility Standards
Free of charge

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@Flash Hi, thank you very much for your sharing. It’s really useful, I do appreciate. Cheers

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