New website for Physio business

Could anybody advise me on a theme which would be suitable for a Physiotherapy business please?
It would need to be able to have online bookings and payment options, blog etc plus the usual service types - eg. sports physio, massage etc.
Many thanks
I am still using Rapidweaver 7 as well… would it be beneficial to upgrade to 8? I already do have an e-commerce site which uses Mal’s e-commerce cart - is this the best one out there?
Thank you!

Regarding an e-commerce tool to accept payments, I would recommend Cartloom. It’s what many developers use to sell stacks.

As far as themes are concerned, spending a little time with Foundation is worth the time because then you can create any layout you want. It’s really not that time consuming.

Regarding bookings, I use Gist (used to be called convert fox). They recently updated the free version to include a neat booking tool.

Thank you! I’m not familiar with Foundation - I’ll have a look now - Gist sounds like it would do the job too! Many thanks for your help!

Hi, I am using Foundry - I find it quite easy to use, in my understanding Foundation has more options. You can see an example site (with no booking) here:

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