Any obvious Coding issues on my website?

I have posted previously asking for views on my website

The comments were pretty much spot on, I accept the site is dated, not responsive, confusing and I am losing valuable custom by people not realising I sell a lot of products.

The site still pulls in business though and I’ve had some excellent quality contacts from it, taking my business on a very slow upward curve in terms of success. Mainly through the time it’s been up on the internet, referrals, and pushing it on business directories and social media.

My question is… how bad is the coding, for example my H1 tags etc. I have no time for a re-build and adding lots of products is simply soooo time consuming… I will totally revamp in due course, but are there any coding tweeks which will help it get higher ranking? My thinking is, these won’t take much tIme to implement!

I am the classic patient who is avoiding going to the doctor at all costs… but I would be very interested to know if in it’s present form how the coding looks to someone in the know.



Why would you think it would take that long to change?

Pick a responsive theme then just do a page a day of updates locally, then after a month or so you will have your project ready to publish.

You’re probably right. I must knuckle down to it!