Newbe Export Question

Hi All

Please excuse the newbe question but there is a question I must ask… Let’s say that I have created a Rapidweaver site and want to give it to my friend.

Am I able to save (export) all the files to my Mac, then send all these files to my friend and just tell him to put them in the “public_htlm” directory ? Assuming that he has purchased a domain name .

Is it as simple as that ?


That works for just publishing the site…but you can’t edit it.

Thanks Joe

Your answer just finalized my decision to go with Rapidweaver… I had narrowed the software down to three.


I was not too keen working in a WP environment !!

And now begins the excitement of a new learning curve !!!

Ron from Canada

Good luck and welcome!

It’s a pretty shallow learning curve. Had my new site up and running in less than a week of evenings and replaced a Xara site.

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