✨ Instantly share your project's preview *anywhere* (new plugin!)

Hey everyone!

I’m the author of an app called Emporter, which creates secure URLs to your Mac. With the help of the RapidWeaver team, I’ve created a new plugin which automatically configures URLs to your RapidWeaver projects!

Emporter RapidWeaver Plugin

The thing that’s awesome about the Emporter Plugin is that you can share previews without needing to publish your project. People you share the URL with don’t need to install anything — it works with any browser, device or network. You don’t even need hosting. Seriously, it just works!

Use it to feedback on your website, to get help on the forums, or to test designs on real phones and tablets.

There’s no signup, registration, or trial version. It only takes a minute to get started.

I’m happy to answer any questions. If you need help, DM me!

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Sounds remarkably useful. I’ve downloaded it and will try it out.


Yes, please report :slight_smile:

It just works. Add an Emporter page, make your Mac webserver active (you can trigger it by clicking the ‘Emulate’ button) and Emporter will give you a URL which you can then share.


Nice! Thanks for giving it a try, I hope you find it useful :slight_smile:

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Working on my side :grinning:


Thank you so much for this… It sounds really cool.

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Do I need to open any ports on my router?
A quick start guide would be awesome!

Hey! No need to open any ports. All you need to do is install the plugin and it’ll do everything for you!

Let me know how it goes :grinning:

How it goes? Uhm not well.
Were there any problems with the Europe servers?

All services are online (and I’m using it myself right now). I’ll DM you and see if I can help!

Thanks! I’ll get back to you there :grinning:

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hrmpf! - doesn´t work on sierra. I wish I could update my OS… :cry:

No bother, doesn’t work on Mojave either…

Works on High Sierra on my side

Yeah, its only available on High Sierra and above because of the way subscriptions work on macOS. :grimacing:

Sorry I couldn’t get it working for you @Konfuzzious! I’m not sure what the problem is exactly, but it seems like there’s quite a lot of extra stuff running in your environment, any of which could be a culprit (VPN, DNS filters on your router, over zealous anti-malware software, …).

It is interesting, though, since it’s worked for everyone else I know of (it’s been out since January). I’d be willing to do a screen sharing session to see if we can find the culprit, if you’d like.


Maybe you missed what I wrote (can’t blame you as English is not my mother tongue :wink: ) because I excluded the VPN, DNS filters on my router, over zealous anti-malware software, …
I tested every configuration possible. Disabled all possible filters, used a different router. Bypassed router via personal hotspot and yes, I even booted from a clean fresh installed Mojave too.

Speaking of a screen sharing session… Teamviewer works. Isn’t that the same technology that you use?

Sorry Mike, thanks for the offer but it has taken up already too much time.
I’ll just hit publish, upload it to my webserver and be done with it.

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@Konfuzzious It certainly does work on Mojave. I installed it about 4 weeks ago on my Mac running Mojave and it worked immediately with no problems.

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I tried it out on Mohave as well and works fine.

Ok, then ‘Mojave’ itself is not the issue. But something is :wink:
Perhaps my country? A faulty node in my upline? A specific setting in Mojave that I don’t know about?
Either way, enjoy that it’s working for you.