Site Management & Continuity

As a hobbyist I count myself as fortunate for bumping into Rapidweaver. Some 10 years of local history research are on my site. I am seeking advice as to a workable plan to pass my site to a successor should I ‘pop my clogs’ and therefore ‘the good work’ could continue. Said person may not have a lovely Mac like me, let alone Rapidweaver. So what is considered best practice? Can a site built in Rapidweaver be ‘downloaded’ as an HTML file? Can content only be downloaded so it can form the basis of ‘another creation’? Am I the only one that this problem occurs to or have I missed something vital? Grateful for any advice on ‘best practice’.

There is very little anyone could do going forward without RW and your project file.
SOmeone could manually modify the html and css of course but not in any “visual development” way. If you have it built with a CMS system obviously things can be changed with a browser, to a point.

This is not really any different than any other app based platform.

Hi Scott, thank you for your reply, I had my suspicions this was likely the case.