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Sorry for obv q, ive just come back to RW after 4 yrs since Muse being sunsetted (WTF😩).

Using just the standard new RW8 Mountain theme, there doesn’t seem to be anyway to get rid of the banner in the theme completely as its just takes up too much screenspace. Am I missing something obvious, it puts it the same height regardless of what cropping or re-sizing I do to the image I insert in the banner theme override.

I like the smooth insert from the side of content in this theme, which is why I want to use it but I dont want a whole iPad screen gap between the menu bar at the top and the logo and text or Stacks content below - it just looks so wrong. `I don’t want to fill it with an image, I want to put text in there, hell I don’t really want a banner, just a menu bar then my Stacks content!

What am I missing here?

Don’t think there is - it’s designed to be full page. I can’t even find the Package Contents for these RW8 themes - anyone know where they are.

Here is where they are:
I would not suggest anyone mess with them though.

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Thanks for the quick reply! but that’s mad IMHO, say for example I have just tried putting a contact me page in, so when people click on the menu bar it will jump to the contact me page, but it will look nothing has happened as the page will look just the same? and if they don’t scroll down they won’t know that there is new content? When I was last using RW in 2014 you could have short headers. Guess I will have to go through old legacy or other themes and see if there are any like that

You can change the image on a per page basis, that would show a different image for each page. Not a perfect solution, but a solution.

Thanks ! Yes I could do a big image with the words in capitals "SCROLL DOWN THE PAGEEE’ (rofl)

Thanks for the suggestion I hadn’t thought of that!

You could also use a theme that does not include a large image at the top of it. I do agree, that should be an option of the theme though, as it is a nice theme. @ben could this be possible with an update to the theme??

If I were were you I’d free yourself from themes and get hold of a blank theme product for RW like Foundation (Joe Workman) or Foundry (Elexir). Layout how you like then. I really can’t imagine going back to themes except possibly for a simple site where I know the limitations won’t matter

Just really looked at the theme, that image is acting like a Hero Image, meaning it will always fill the entire browser no matter what size the browser is.

Thank you so much everyone for your rapid answers. I invested about 4 years learning Adobe Muse and really got to like it, and I am still smarting from the fact that I have now got to relearn another app, plus pay for hosting as they are trashing BusinessCatalyst, and have had to pay for RW Stacks and lots more, plus Im still paying the full Adobe Creative Cloud £45 a month for all the other apps. Seething! But reassured as it was useless trying to get support from Adobe and you guys have been stars already, so perhaps its gunna turn out ok… x

Do you really need creative cloud? There are some great alternatives out there for modest one-off costs. In particular I’d look at the Affinity range from Serif - Photo, Designer and Publisher.

Yeah, I use InDesign a lot for work and love it. It’s the de facto industry standard, and also do video work in Prem Pro, which again is great, plus Photoshop is amazing and it all works so well. That’s why I was mega pissed when they decided to drop Muse, as it all works lovely together and I don’t really care about £45 a month for the whole package. I’ve tried others like you suggest but they aren’t the same, for me at least.

Thanks for the thought though…

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