Can a page be made to easily open under the Banner?

Hi all, with the introduction of a Banner into RW Themes, i personally think it is a chore having to scroll down the Banner to get to the main contents of a page, everytime you click on a menu link.

In themes there isnt an option to turn off the Banner !

Is it possible for the programmers among us, to devise something that would take a Page Visitor to the Top of the Content, instead of the Top of the Banner ?

The Banner will still be there, easily seen by Scrolling up. Now isnt that a good idea ?


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In my theme there is :slight_smile: Volcano RapidWeaver Theme | ThemeFlood

I just make my banners smaller in height so people can see content below.

This doesn’t answer your question about where the page lands, but you do have other options.

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You could make the banner area smaller:

#banner {

Thank you Lisa that is a really helpful answer to my question, I already have Volcano in my Library, i have never used it in anger, I just changed to Volcano with my Current Project and … dam me, i dont have a Menu at all !!
I obviously have some more homework to do, starting with a cup of Tea

Lisa, i was amazed to see that your site is made with Volcano, looking for menu options just now, i couldnt find an option for sticking the Menu to the Top of the page. Even more homework is needed on my part.


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All themes are built with options. The first thing to play around with is the style window:

Thanks Lisa for going to the trouble to give me some encouragement :slight_smile:


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@teefers thanks for your suggestion Doug, that doesnt do anything in the Clearing Theme that i am using.


That’s what we’re here for, most of us, anyway :slight_smile:

It took me a good long time to understand how things work. I’ve been using RW for 6 years and have had a lot of help from developers. I still reach out as needed. I also use a lot of Stacks added to the theme to do certain things.

One of the things you also need to understand about banners, and images in general, is that they are dependent on the size of your actual image file, unless you set it differently in RW. Keep fiddling and asking questions here.

@willwood is also amazing with his support of his products.