Disable huge banners?

In RW8, between the built-in and the ones I bought, I have about 120 themes.
Most of them come with a huge banner, usually half of the screen height, if not the entire screen.
I just dislike those big banners. Only a few themes have a “Banner: none” option.
Is there a generic way to just remove banners, something I can use on all my themes?
I’m very frustrated as I have about 20 themes I really do love but don’t use because of those banners. The page layout, the fonts, the way the pages are organized, I love that, but don’t use them because of the banners.

Thanks for any light.

If there’s not an option in the theme then it probably can be done with custom CSS. The CSS will probably be different from theme to theme. You said you have “20” that you really like, might want to narrow that down a bit.

It’s also best if you can provide a link to at least a test page when asking for CSS help. That way the person giving you help can just inspect the URL from your site and seggest CSS to make the changes.

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Thanks for your reply.
The themes I want to use but don’t are typically Prospect, Strata, Mirage, Tesla, Atlas, Climate, Future, Lander, Mountains, Open, Reason, Show, Square

I did not publish anything with them as I just can’t stand those huge headers/banners that makes absolutely no sense to me.

Of course I can use the theme I like and then dig into all the CSS and try to locate the banners, disable them, but then I’ll have to do this each time there is an update to the theme or when I apply it again to another project.

What I was hoping was to find a global way to disable all banners so I never see them again. But I understand that it’s up to each designer to design it and code it, and each of them did it his own way.
I was just hoping for a global setting “No banner”. In RW8 there is a global setting “Banner” to override, when possible, the embedded one. I hoped for something similar to remove entirely those banners.

Thanks anyway

Simple answer - Use Stacks and a Framework like Source (free) and BWD (also free but donation appreciated) then you can design your own.

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Thanks, but designing it myself nullifies the interest of skipping that and buying a ready-to-use theme…
But I’ll investigate this and probably will stop buying themes.

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Sorry Steve, there’s no global on-off switch for banners. In fact the setting for changing the banner doesn’t work in any theme that’s not designed to use it.

There’s lots of people here on the forum that can help “dig” into the CSS to hide the banner. And quite honestly that kind of change wouldn’t take but a couple of minutes on most of those themes for someone experienced. There’s also a good chance that the same CSS to remove the banner on one theme might work on another.

But if you want that kinda help it’s best to help the folks out who are helping you. The biggest help you can provide is to publish a test page, and try to be specific about the changes you want.

Hi Steve, here’s one to get you started.

You can remove the banner in Strata by turning it off in Master Style. It’s called the Site Band. See attached.


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And another. In Reason, go to Master Styles and where it says ‘Banner Height’ choose ‘Collapse’.


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Depth by nick cates . I wanted the banner free header plus navigation free as well. He kindly updated depth to take care of this. It’s now a feature in the master styling . You can remove all headers now with one click. Well worth a try, !

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Thanks all,
I think I will try to either build a theme myself (but then have to do everything myself and I’m no designer, so poor font/proportions/behavior choices) or dig into the CSS and stop buying themes with huge banners.
The two mentioned here allow to remove / collapse it, but it’s only a few.

Thanks all for your help

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